Sunday, 30 September 2012

Rupert Sanders Pleads To His Wife To Take Him Back After His Cheating Scandal With Kristen Stewart

Rupert Sanders appeared with all smiles out doors of his house, waving at cameras while calling the police officers to get the photographers off his property in Hollywood Hills, California on Thursday (August 23, 2012). It might be Ruperts first smile due to the fact news of his cheating scandal with Kristen Stewart broke last month. It was rumoured that the “Snow White and The Huntsman” director was doing everything in his power to avoid losing his marriage. Rupert was once stated to beg his spouse of 15 years Liberty Ross to take him back as well as provide him some other likelihood. Meanwhile, the previous “British trend” cover girl was nonetheless taking part in cool and non-committal. Then again, Liberty Ross set a series of prerequisites that will have to be met for any possible reconciliation. The British model wants Rupert Sanders to be trustworthy and to be a better husband. She also banned him from directing from “Snow White and The Huntsman” sequel, which made the father-of-two clearly disappointed since the movie was his directorial debut and he was hoping to get the opportunity to be involved in the next part.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Meagan Good Remaining Celibate Until She Gets Married

Actress Meagan Good is reportedly staying away from sexual intimacy until she becomes married to her fiance, pastor/producer DeVon Franklin. In an interview with Life & Style magazine Megan stated her upcoming wedding night will be the first time she gets intimate with DeVon Franklin."I’ve never slept with my fiance, our wedding night will be the first time we’re actually together" 30-year-old Good stated

Did Usain Bolt Really Break Up With Girlfriend To Prepare For The Olympics?

According to reports, the reigning world record-holder in the 100 and 200 meter sprints and two-time  Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt ended his six- month relationship with his Slovakian girlfriend Lubica Slovak in order to focus on the upcoming London Olympics. Bolt and Slovak who is a fashion designer had been together for six months prior to Bolt's decision to end the relationship. They started dating after Slovak moved to Jamaica after vacationing on the caribbean island and was introduced to bolt by a friend of the two.

Monkeys Attack Hyundai i30

A Hyundai i30 was under attack by dozens of monkeys. However, this was a test conducted by Hyundai in Britain to show the quality of the materials with which the new i30's was made, and how easy it is to clean.  Hyundai parked for a day on the campus of the British baboon Knowsley Safari Park and allowed the monkeys to attack the brand new i30 which passed the test.

Britains Fattest Teenager Who Weighs 63st Wants To Lose Weight And Get Her Life Back

19-year-old Georgia Davis who is Britain's fattest teenager with a weight of 63 stone, has vowed to lose weight saying 'I'm sick of being like this. I want my life back. Emergency services was called to her home in Aberdare, Wales to assist her because she could no longer stand up.

Eddie Murphy And Rocsi Diaz Together Looking Like A New Celebrity Couple

Comedian Eddie Murphy and BET’s 106 & Park host Rocsi Diaz were spotted looking like a new happy couple. Murphy 51 and Rocsi 28 were spotted hugging on one occasion and on another holding hands while getting coffee from a  shop in California. Though the pics clearly show something is going on, when Rocsi was contacted by a popular website about the pictures of her and Eddie Murphy.  She responded, "We are not dating we were just getting coffee."

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Miley Cyrus Wearing Less And Showing More To Prove She's Grown Up - See Pictures Of Miley Cyrus In Nothing But A white jacket

Miley Cyrus has grown up and and the close-to-nothing-on dress code is deeper in. The singer showed up at the 2012 Billboard Awards with nothing but a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and a white jacket. Looking at the pictures you may think she forgot to wear a bra and pants under her Jean Paul Gaultier white blazer.

Kim Kardashian Hairstyles - See Pictures Of Kim Kardashian Hottest Hairstyles

Kim Kardashian was named hottest woman in the world this year by Zoo magazine. With that award I know lots of people will question if this is really accurate. However, this was voted for by readers of the magazine. Whether you agree with the magazine's readers or not you must admit Kim Kardashian does rock some good looks regularly. Here are some pictures of Kim Kardashian flaunting her many different hairstyles. Judge for yourself if that aspect of Kim Kardashian can backup the magazine's claim.

Kim Kardashian Hottest Woman In The World Says Zoo Magazine

31 year old reality star Kim Kardashian has been named the "Hottest Woman in the World" by the U.K.'s Zoo magazine. The votes for this honour came from the magazine's readers. To defend her crown Kardashian appears on the cover of the magazine blazing in a red satin lingerie.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Upside Down House In Austria Comes Into Spotlight

Not everyday you see a house with the roof below and the decking on top. A house in Austria is designed and built upside down and is being used for tourists attraction in the western Austrian village of Terfens. Everything in and out of the house is literally upside down.

The work of polish architects Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozhanski, the house has a garage, bathroom and bedroom and everything each room contains is upside down, even the car in the garage.

Fast and the Furious 6 In Production And It's Rumoured That Rihanna Will Be A Part Of It

The Fast and the Furious 6 aka Fast 6 is currently in production and the entire cast of the last installment Fast Five is due to be back. However, according to reports singer Rihanna may also be acting as a villain in the film. If reports are true this will be another big screen appearance for Rihanna following her role in Battleship. The Fast and the Furious 6 is scheduled to be released in theaters on May 24th, 2013.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mariah Carry Weightloss After Giving Birth To Twins

Mariah Carey is known to always flaunt a slim figure and she did not allow that to stop after gaining 70 pounds when pregnant with her twins. After giving birth, the singer shed 30 pounds from her gained weight to reveal a bikini body which she flaunted on the May issue of shape magazine.

"I put on around 70 pounds," Carey said. "But if you look at photos of me when I was pregnant, you'd say, 'Wow, she gained 9,000 pounds!' A lot of it was water weight because I pretty much had head-to-toe edema, which is very painful. Luckily, all the swelling went away fairly quickly after the babies were born.

Then I had about 30 more pounds to drop. I have such empathy for people who need to lose a lot of weight, because I know what they're going through. I remember thinking at the time, 'I'll never look or feel the same again.'"

But fortunately Mariah did regain her slim figure thanks to the help of Jenny Craig. The singer said she used Jenny Craig to help lose the rest of the weight because she liked the way their program is structured.

New Bob Marley Documentary Out For Viewing

A new documentary film on legendary and much loved reggae artist Bob Marley is now opened to the public. The film directed by oscar winning director Kevin MacDonald aims to give rare insight into the singer's life. Viewers will hear stories about the legend from the Marley family and close friends of Bob Marley in the 2 ½ hour film.

Bob Marley died from cancer in September 1980 at the age of 36. Before he died he lived a very active life. He wrote and recorded many reggae songs, many of them are classics and still very popular today. He also performed in many concerts and had 11 children from 7 relationships.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lamborghini SUV Revealed At The Beijing Auto Show See Pictures Of Lamborghini SUV

Lamborghini’s SUV called the Urus is their first SUV concept since the 1980s. The SUV was unveiled at the Beijing International Auto Show. The Urus is a 600-horsepower SUV and is about 16' long and 5'5" high. The name Urus came from an ancient breed of bulls.

Lamborghini, a unit of Volkswagen AG, is optimistic the Urus will be a good seller. They are hoping to see sales of 3,000 a year for the SUV. The Lamborghini Urus is set to be released in the market around 2014.

Oprah Breaks Down Into Tears Addressing Rumours That She Is A Lesbian

Oprah could not avoid an outburst of tears when addressing rumours that she is a lesbian via an interview with Babara Walters. Oprah was answering to rumours that she and her close friend Gayle King are lovers.

Speaking on Gayle King Oprah said “She is the mother I never had. She is the sister everybody would want. She is the friend that everybody deserves. I don’t know a better person. I don’t know a better person. It’s making me cry because I’m thinking about how much I probably have never told her that.”

About the rumours of being a lesbian Oprah said the rumours aren't true. "I'm not even kind of lesbian" she said “The reason why it irritates me is because it means that somebody must think I’m lying. That’s number one. Number two why would you want to hide it? That is not the way I run my life.”

However this did not stop the “National Enquirer” from persisting with the rumours. The paper had a picture of Oprah and Gayle on the cover with the heading "Oprah and Gayle's secret life exposed"

They also have on the cover “She says she’s not GAY but here’s the REAL story”, “Their lesbian lies”, “They DO share a bed” and “What she hid during Barbara Walters interview”.

Inside the “National Enquirer” reports:

Both washed their hands of men years ago, insiders say, with Oprah callously betraying her former fiance Stedman Graham to nurture her relationship with Gayle.

What’s more, sources say the wealthy and powerful talk-show queen has used payoffs, bribes and outright lies to keep America from learning her secrets.

“Oprah and Gayle genuinely love each other,” an Oprah family member told The ENQUIRER.
“But they don’t think the rest of the world could ever understand their feelings, so they keep their private life quiet.”

Seems like the National Enquirer could not pass the opportunity to make a cover story off the interview, and simply reporting what Oprah said would not generate as much sales as reporting against it.

Friday, 4 May 2012

World’s Oldest Man Alive Gives Credit To Good Diet For Long Life

We constantly hear how important diet is for good health and long life. But if you've ever been doubtful of the truthfulness of this claim maybe you'll be more convinced to practice healthy eating when you find out that the oldest living man credit's his longevity to eating right.

Jiroemon Kimura, a farmer from Kyoto who turned 115 this year 2012 is the oldest man alive and says the secret to a long life is in the foods we eat." Eat small portions" he says. Though this may sound simple the important message here is control your eating habit, it does contribute to long life.

Pictures Of Hillary Clinton Partying In Colombia

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unwinded in columbia while there for the Summit of the Americas. She was seen partying at a club with friends, and the the event was too much to be left alone by the press.

Seen in the pictures, Clinton showed she is human like everyone else by dancing along and hitting a bottle of beer.

Beyonce Named Most Beautiful Woman By People's Magazine

According to People Magazine R&B/Pop singer Beyonce is the most beautiful woman in the world for 2012. Beyonce now 30 years old, said that giving birth to her first child, daughter Blue Ivy Carter, made her feel more beautiful than she ever felt. ''I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth'' she said.