Sunday, 3 June 2012

Did Usain Bolt Really Break Up With Girlfriend To Prepare For The Olympics?

According to reports, the reigning world record-holder in the 100 and 200 meter sprints and two-time  Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt ended his six- month relationship with his Slovakian girlfriend Lubica Slovak in order to focus on the upcoming London Olympics. Bolt and Slovak who is a fashion designer had been together for six months prior to Bolt's decision to end the relationship. They started dating after Slovak moved to Jamaica after vacationing on the caribbean island and was introduced to bolt by a friend of the two.

However, the report that Bolt broke up with Slovak to focus on the olympics seems a bit absurd and may not be the real reason Bolt decided to part ways with his girl of six months. Reportedly, Usain Bolt is known as a player who picks up women, have very short relationships with them and break up with them soon after. A jamaican based website stated "Usain Bolt is looking to break another world record, only this time its not on the tracks. Bolt is aiming to be the athlete with the most ex-girlfriends by the end of the year".

Also, there are rumours that Bolt was having an affair with a 23 year old British journalist name Rebeckah Passley for about a year during the same time Bolt was with Slovak, and the two may still be seeing each other. The fact that Bolt is so uncommitted towards women and his known long list of  exes leaves one to speculate that Bolt's primary reason for breaking up with Slovak was not for focusing on the olympics. According to reports sources close to Bolt stated that Bolt is determined to win gold and decided that Lubica Slovak, would be a distraction. An insider close to Bolt told U.K. publication The Sun "At the moment he's concentrating on his running career and doesn't want anything to distract him from that".  But, some may find it more compelling to believe that Bolt split with Slovak because this is customary for him.

Apart from Bolts non-committing ways, the relationship between he and Lubica Slovak was under heavy criticism from some Jamaicans due to Slovak being white. Many Jamaicans disapproved of Bolt being with a white woman and were outraged at the relationship which may have also contributed to Bolts decision to end the relationship with Slovak.

Pictures Of Usain Bolt Other Exes As Reported 

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