Sunday, 3 June 2012

Britains Fattest Teenager Who Weighs 63st Wants To Lose Weight And Get Her Life Back

19-year-old Georgia Davis who is Britain's fattest teenager with a weight of 63 stone, has vowed to lose weight saying 'I'm sick of being like this. I want my life back. Emergency services was called to her home in Aberdare, Wales to assist her because she could no longer stand up.

50 emergency workers had to demolish part of the house Davis lived in along with her parents and transported her along a scaffold bridge because she was so big. Reportedly, the operation to get Davis out of the house cost £100,000.

Miss Davis was transported to a hospital where she was placed on a specially-designed bed and hooked up to an oxygen tank. She is also suffering from complications including diabetes and kidney failure, as well as problems with her spine, joints and skin.

According to reports by Miss Davis best friend Jade Tarrant, the teen was keeping her weight under control but after returning to live with her parents who are both ill she started eating wrong again to cope with the stress of caring for her sick parents. "It was the strain of caring for her ill parents which made her eat - it was eating as a way of coping". said Jade Tarrant.

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